About the project

Testing a ballet historical 3D classroom as an educational, collaborative and promotional space.

In 2019, the first ballet historical virtual space was completed. In the project related to the research of the life of the first Hungarian prima ballerina, the space was created by visualizing the first building of the Hungarian National Theater, which no longer exists.

In 2020, the converted the visualization in the 3D presentation room developed by the researchers of Univerity of Győr: in MaxWhere. This gives us an easy-to-use desktop virtual reality space that can be implemented in education in a user-friendly way.

In a project from autumn 2021 to spring 2023, with the support of the Visegrad Fund, we will test the ballet historical MaxWhere presentation room in university and college education, as a space for presentation and collaboration. We also provide ballet history materials, which we offer as ready-made MaxWhere presentations.

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Short reports


The Gaudeamus Exhibition is being held annually in four cities in the heart of Europe, providing a meeting place for students from Czech and Slovak Republic and educators from around the world. The aim of the exhibition is to create an efficient and cost-effective platform for international student recruitment.

The MaxWhere 3D classroom visualization of the first Hungarian National Theatre building was presented here. Visitors, students, prospective students, teachers and other participants of the expo had the opportunity to try out the easy use of the 3D classroom.

MaxWhere is an operational system providing 3D classroom developed in Hungary. Using this tool learning and memory performance are proven to be more effective with information placed in 3D instead of the many pages opened in standard 2D.


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We held the first operational meeting of the BalletWhere implementation project, where we planned the preparation and testing of study materials and 3D presentations in university and college education.


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