We created a 3D classroom, as a presentation tool, with the visualization of the first Hungarian National Theater. This building which no longer exists today gives the visual base of the 3D classroom in the MaxWhere.

MaxWhere is an operational system providing 3D classroom developed by Hungarian researchers. Using this tool learning and memory performance are proven to be more effective with information placed in 3D instead of the many pages opened in standard 2D.

Here we provide easy-to-use package for teaching: bilingual study materials and 3D presentation pack files. You can use it on a user friendly way to teach and give a 3D presentation. To use it in 6 simple steps check How to use menu.

The study materials related to the history of dance and history of music. In 2022 you will find study materials and 3D presentations for teaching about ballet history of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Macedonia. You can even find a 3D collaboration arena for university students in Slovakian Czech and English languages.

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Ballet life in Hungary in the age of romanticism.

Study material: Ballet life in Hungary in the age of romanticism. The first significant personalities of the Hungarian ballet life: Frigyes Campilli and Emília Aranyváry.
Tananyag: Balettélet Magyarországon a romantika korában; a magyar balettélet első jelentős személyiségei: Campilli Frigyes és Aranyváry Emília.

3D presentation MaxWhere file